🔶Ancient Coin

Ancient Coin
  • Designation: The Ancient Coin is not a cryptocurrency; instead, it serves as the in-game hard currency specifically focused on cosmetic elements and some in-game activities.

  • Scope: Unlike SNG, the primary token with a broader utility, the Ancient Coin is crafted to cater to the aesthetic aspects of the game and specific in-game engagements.

  • Cosmetic Enhancements: Ancient Coin takes center stage in transactions related to cosmetic upgrades, adding flair and personalization to the gaming experience.

  • Limited Role: While it won't be the backbone of the overall Synergy Land economy, the Ancient Coin holds a crucial but limited role in specific facets of the gaming environment.

  • Accessible Through Synergy Land Store: The Ancient Coin will be made available to users through the Synergy Land in-game store.

  • Acquisition: Users can acquire Ancient Coin by using SNG within the in-game store.

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