🔄Player-Driven Economy

Synergy Land, an ARPG of formidable proportions, beckons players to assemble their forces, strategize, construct, and navigate uncharted frontiers.

Central to our economic framework is the art of cultivating synergies among the three pivotal activities:

  • Island Resources

  • Crafting

  • Dungeons

The convergence of these three elements, combined with a robust monetization strategy, lays the bedrock for an enduring and robust economy.

Distinguished by their potency, the game's most formidable items emerge from the realm of crafting, barring the ultra-rare equipment destined to grace the hands of adventurers through dungeon loot, and a select assortment of items introduced via presales—encompassing characters, bosses, pets, and stations.

Vital to emphasize: our commitment rests upon abstaining from the sale of equipment and resources, both shall remain the exclusive realm of player-driven transactions.

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