📊SNG Tokenomics

Total supply: 200,000,000 SNG

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The token has diverse utility, serving pivotal roles in our ecosystem

  1. Crafting Activities: Facilitating the creation of in-game items

  2. Marketplace Purchases: Serving as a primary currency for transactions within the marketplace

  3. NFT Presales: Providing exclusive access to early releases of NFT’s

  4. Dapps Main Currency: Acting as the principal currency for decentralized applications

  5. Access to Ancient Coins: Granting entry to unique in-game assets or privileges

  6. Breeding Activities: Enabling the breeding mechanics within the game

  7. Dungeons Activities: Supporting various activities and engagements within the dungeons

  8. Special PVP Ranking Rewards: Serving as a reward mechanism for distinguished players in player-versus-player activities.

These functionalities collectively enhance the versatility and significance of the token.

We are developing a system to ensure the token’s value is protected by implementing deflationary mechanisms such as: marketplace transaction tax, dungeon fees, and breeding activities. A large % of those profits will be used to invest back into the ecosystem (token or NFT buy backs to redistribute to the community or burn supply).

The allocation supply per category can be seen below:

The token unlock schedule is the following:

Disclaimer: this should not be considered financial advice.

Always consult with a qualified financial professional before making any investment decisions.

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